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Dr. Scott grew up in Boulder, Colorado and has always enjoyed the outdoors and being physically active, whether recreational or team sports.

This lifestyle has always kept Dr. Scott interested in health, diet, nutrition and proper exercise. He knew early on that he would end up having a career where he could work with people in this manner.

In college, Dr. Scott was living in California when he was heavily injured in an automobile accident that landed him in a chiropractor's office through the urging of his parents.

He went and it was all history from there, he knew immediately that this profession was for him. "I was so amazed that all this doctor used was his hands and I got better! I didn't need medication, surgery or anything else for my condition and I got better."

Dr. Scott graduated from Cleveland Chiropractic College in Los Angeles in 1996. He usedthe following chiropractic techniques: Diversified, Activators Method, Palmer method, Gonstead and Chiropractic BioPhysics (CBP).

Dr. Scott is a Fellow in CBP and is the only certified chiropractor in Knoxville.

Dr. Scott is a certified Activator Method's Practioner and is the only certified chiropractor is Knoxville.

He has completed hundreds hours of post-graduate studies and testing in order to achieve this honor.

Dr. Scott has been treating patients of all ages for over 20 years. He has made is clinic his playground and doesn't feel that going to the office is work. The atmosphere in the office is professional, yet comfortable, warm and family orientated. Many of our patients know each other and enjoy sharing the benefits of chiropractic with their loved ones.

Dr. Scott continues to love the outdoors and spends much of his free time outside. He enjoys cycling and has trained and completed rides known as century's (100 mile rides), golfing, hiking, camping, fishing and much more.

Dr. Scott welcomes the opportunity to meet new people and offer any advise and/or chiropractic care to help a person achieve their health goals.

What Patients Say About Dr. Scott

 Wow! Honestly the best staff and doctors I've ever met. They are all so personable and loving. They truly care for you as a patient . It's not like most places where it's all about how many patients they can see in a day. Dr. Scott is an amazing chiropractor. My whole family see's him. My daughter first saw him at 2 weeks old. He keeps her healthy and so happy. She got croup and I brought her in and Dr. Scott performed his magic and the next day croup was gone. This happened twice. If you want a trustworthy, honest, family feeling chiropractor this is the BEST place.

- Julie B.

 I've been seeing Dr. Scott for over a year now for arthritis pain in my ankle and shoulder. I had limited range of motion and flexibility until Dr. Scott worked his magic on me. The improvement has been amazing. I had only seen a few chiropractors over the years and only when I had a sciatica attack. Those are now things of the past and even though I have to drive from Simi, the trip is well worth the time. I always feel more energetic when I leave his office and I sleep better. He is fantastic and I tell everyone about his office.
Thank you Dr. Scott and your office for the great improvement in my overall health.

- Don W.

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