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Dr. Jon Scott, a Knoxville chiropractor, has been in private practice for 27+ years. He is the founder of Scott Chiropractic, which has served the Knoxville community since 2017. Dr. Scott has helped thousands of patients of all ages with a variety of conditions, including back pain, neck pain, joint pain, nerve pain, and more.

What We Do

Scott Chiropractic specializes in chiropractic care and healing for working adults, expecting moms, infants and children, athletes, and seniors. We take a goal-oriented approach to healing. Whatever your goals might be, we want to help you achieve them.


a non-invasive, hands-on health care discipline that focuses on the neuro-musculoskeletal system.

Family Chiropractic

Chiropractic can help everyone, from a newborn just hours old to a toddler or teen, adults of all ages, and even pregnant women.

Wellness Care

Assist patients in understanding the advantages of chiropractic care and its contribution to genuine wellness

At Scott Chiropractic, we are providers for most major insurance plans.
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A Few Nice Words

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Melissa Cloutier
Melissa Cloutier
May 28, 2024
Dr. Scott and his team are amazing, very friendly and inviting. The office is clean and comfortable. My treatment plan was explained clearly to me and it is working great. He has also helped my son with his back issues. I just wish I would have found this practice sooner. I highly recommend Scott Chiropractic.
Stacy Low
Stacy Low
May 20, 2024
A great orientation -answered lots of questions. My first treatments have relieved my discomfort and provided hope. Dr. Scott is an educator and talented Dr who cares about and listened to my concerns and developed a plan for path forward.
blalock marshall
blalock marshall
May 18, 2024
Dr.Scott's practice is Very good he does a Very Great job and makes sure he had you back in place and the staff is very nice as well!! Very Great Place to go if needing his Services!!!!
flamingo tree
flamingo tree
May 16, 2024
I started coming to see Dr. Scott a little over a month ago for some neck pain and head and ear pressure. It was my first experience going to a chiropractor. I have (since day one), been impressed with my interactions with Dr. Scott, as well as his wonderful staff Marene and Angela. The environment in the office is relaxed and peaceful, and everyone extremely helpful and professional. I feel at ease and cared for when I’m there. Doctor Scott created a plan of action for my healing, and though I am still in the beginning stages of care, my symptoms have dramatically improved. I am thankful to have found his practice and would recommend his care to others searching for a reliable chiropractor.
John Adams
John Adams
May 13, 2024
The Army broke me. I left with Degenerative Spinal Disease, not something I wish on my worst enemy. I have pinched nerves and live with pain most days. Well one day I slept wrong, normally it went away, not this time. A few days went by and my pain was slowly getting worse. The nerve in my neck that shoots down my right arm was screaming for help. I was elevating my arm above my head for relief, it looked silly. Being in a new city, it was hard to find a good Chiro, let alone one who knows what they are doing. Dr. Scott was my first choice after talking to another veteran. I was a little sceptic at first, cause I have been to other chiros in the past who did not help. Dr. Scott help me a lot and I thank him every time I see him. I am not taking anything away from my former chiro, he was good, but Dr. Scott admittedly was better. His technique in finding that spot was amazing. I got a little relief right away. I knew this episode of pain was going to be hard to get rid of, but he did it. After about 3 or 4 weeks, the pain was gone. Dr. Scott offered to help me in any way he could, he saw my pain and empathized over my pain. No more tingling or shooting dull pains. I have complete control over my body again. Dr. Scott is the man and knows what ails you and will attack that pain and treat you right. After that first visit, I knew I found my new Chiropractor. I only wish that if I move away from Knoxville, I could take him with me. Dr. Scott, Thank you again, I cannot thank you enough. He is a true Godsend for pain. Bonus, he is also a man of God and that is important to me. God Bless Dr. Scott!!!!
Mia L
Mia L
May 13, 2024
Doctor Scott is well educated in the body. He listens to you. He gets to know you as a person. Ask questions before doing anything to you. Gentle. Brilliant bed side manners. All around great person. The beautiful and friendly ladies in the front are priceless. Always cheerful and happy to be at work. The whole office is just splendid. The adjustments are painless and really work. The care you receive here is phenomenal. They truly do love their work. The office is cozy and clean. Look no further. Dr. Scott should be your chiropractor. Be well.
Jodie H
Jodie H
April 29, 2024
The ladies are so sweet and Dr. Scott is knowledgeable and attentive. All my aches and pains have diminished!!!
John LaFreniere
John LaFreniere
April 25, 2024
Convinced I needed surgery, I began seeing Dr Scott and his Team. He'll handle the issue.

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