Wellness Care for Knoxville

An important part of our practice is helping patients improve and adopt more beneficial lifestyle habits in areas of diet, nutrition, exercise, stress management, and more.

What is Wellness Chiropractic?

Wellness is a state of optimal conditions for normal function. The wellness approach is to look for underlying causes of any disruption and make necessary changes and lifestyle adjustments to allow the body to achieve overall optimal health. The lifestyle choices you make on a daily basis can greatly affect your long-term health. Through a regular wellness care program the body learns processes that work to restore health and mobility.

Benefits of Wellness Care

Uncover Hidden Ailments: Just because you don’t feel sick does not mean you are healthy. It is common to experience more symptoms as you grow older and simply accept a slow decline as we age. Far too many people wait until they are sick to seek medical help. Wellness care concentrates on preventative measures instead of searching for cures after the fact. A routine wellness plan examines any problematic ailments in the body and concentrates on the right care before they turn into severe or permanent injuries.

Natural Healing: Healthy diet and nutrition are indispensable parts of a sound lifestyle, which if one does not follow, can result in the impairment to your internal systems. Contrary to popular belief, with advances in the field of health and wellness, to live a life of optimal health, we can actually get better as we grow older. Our wellness care program involves nutritional counseling, therapeutic  exercises, and lifestyle changes to keep your overall system functioning at peak performance throughout your daily routine.

Treat Disruptive Problems: The consequences of heavy lifting, strenuous exercises, strained movements, accidents, etc. will often result in severe pain, spine misalignments, and discomfort. When the vertebrae becomes misaligned there are dozens of possible impacts upon our health. Regular adjustments can ensure that the daily stresses of your life are not wearing your health down prematurely. We offer a full range of chiropractic wellness care that makes the required adjustments to recover from pain and injuries, and return to a normal state of health.

Care for Long-term Health: Some people seem perfectly healthy and fit, and assume they will remain in the same state when they will grow old. What we eat, how we sit, the work that we do with our bodies, and even the way we emotionally react to a situation, can have long-term effects on our wellness. Even if we don’t feel sick, we may be in need of a little extra care to prevent daily activities from becoming more severe problems. Usually, aging is associated with loss of strength and restricted movement, but wellness care plans can assure long-term health benefits, including painless joints and smooth movement even in your old age.

Holistic Care: In holistic medicine, your body is in an optimal state when it is balanced in mind, body and spirit, rather than just feeling good. Holistic healing combats ailments by treating their root causes, instead of managing the symptoms alone. A regular wellness care program works to restore spinal health and mobility. A holistic approach in therapies and adjustments provides patients with the most natural remedy for their pains, diseases, and illness.

Our Wellness Care Plans

Our comprehensive care incorporates a variety of techniques to ensure the wellness of our patients. A wellness care plan can include any of the following paramount services:

  1. Chiropractic Care
  2. Lifestyle Advice
  3. Corrective Exercises
  4. Rehabilitative Care
  5. Prenatal and Postpartum Care
  6. Spinal Screenings and Adjustments

Scott Chiropractic provides complete care to patients for various pains, injuries, discomfort, physical stress, or even digestive problems. Your chiropractor doesn’t just heal your body, they actually aid you in learning how to make it better. By working together, you will achieve wellness, experience a stronger body, and improved health with the use of these non-invasive and holistic procedures.Care

Chiropractors help patients understand the benefits of chiropractic care and its role in true wellness. An important part of our practice is helping patients improve and adopt more beneficial lifestyle habits in areas of diet, nutrition, exercise, stress management, etc.. Proper nutrition, exercise and routine chiropractic care help the body perform at maximum efficiency, resulting in improved overall function. We take into account your entire body and lifestyle when developing customized protocols for you to follow. By combining a specified program with tips on fitness, nutrition, and stress relief, we can address the body’s full needs and discuss the role each play in true wellness.