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We are deemed essential health care providers and we are taking all precautions, abiding by CDC guidelines for keeping the office clean and sterile with the coronavirus pandemic affecting us all.

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Your Doctor of Chiropractic can help everyone, from a newborn just hours old to a toddler or teen, adults of all ages, and even pregnant women. At every stage of our lives, things happen that can affect your spinal alignment. Even the process of being born may cause a slight misalignment of the spine resulting in colic, digestion and elimination issues, breastfeeding difficulties and more. Toddlers just learning to walk will spend a lot of time falling, potentially causing repetitive stress to the spine. Teens playing sports may experience the same, and, of course, adults often suffer strains from lifting or turning wrong, falls, and other typical adult spinal challenges.

We provide significantly more than just a solution for pain. A specified course of treatment is prepared by taking into account the overall health and wellness of your entire family through wellness lifestyle instruction and education. We are dedicated to providing you with the best in family care and discuss any concerns you may have regarding your family’s overall health and wellness.