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Winter Activities in Knoxville TN

Winter Activities in Knoxville TN

Make the most of Knoxville, TN during the cold winter months, by enjoying winter and staying healthy too!. There’s plenty to do and see among the wintery scenery in the great outdoors of Knoxville.

First, the Dodge Alum Cave Icicles have become a very popular tourist attraction. Hike the trail up to Arch Rock. When you reach the cave at the top, you’ll notice long icicles that cling to the roof of the Alum Cave and form glittery ribbons. If you want to keep going, you’ll reach the summit of LeConte. One of the most picturesque mountains in the park, covered in snow. Read More

Spinal alignment for proper posture

Importance of Maintaining Good Posture

Maintaining proper posture is necessary as it enables us to lie, stand, walk, sit and otherwise move about in our daily lives without causing ligament or muscle strain or injury. A chiropractor can assist you with proper posture, including recommending exercises to strengthen your core postural muscles. They can also teach you how to maintain these postures during daily activities, helping to reduce your risk of injury.Read More