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Chiropractic Benefits And Risks

Chiropractic Benefits And Risks

Scott ChiroSpinal manipulation, also known as Chiropractic treatment, has been around since the nineteenth century. However, even today, people are not fond of it due to a lack of awareness.

It is an alternative treatment method that focuses on applying force on certain joints and the spinal cord to enhance the body’s healing power. The practice primarily deals with aches, musculoskeletal disorders, and inflammation. Let’s look at its benefits and risks, shall we?
Benefits of Chiropractic care:
Relieves back pain:

Subjects in research studies showed improvement in their back pain after receiving Chiropractic care for six weeks. Hence, the treatment method is considered an excellent way of dealing.

Treats neurological conditions:

Multiple research studies have concluded that Chiropractic care can indeed help manage and treat neurological conditions. Patients with Multiple Sclerosis and Parkinson’s disease have exhibited positive results post chiropractic care

Improved immune function:

An active and healthy immune system is the key to a safe and disease-free life. Chiropractic care activates the lymph system and forces it to expel the harmful toxins in the body. Similarly, it lowers stress hormones to ensure a better functioning immune system.

Lowers blood pressure:

Hypertensive patients have difficulty managing and keeping their blood pressure within the normal range. However, with chiropractic care, blood pressure can be maintained naturally without the help of medications. Studies conclude that adjustments in the upper neck contribute to this effect.

Risks Associated with Chiropractic Care:
Every treatment option available in the medical world has certain risks associated with it. Likewise, chiropractic care also has some cons:
Arterial Stroke:

The risk of suffering from an arterial stroke post chiropractic care is minimal but still possible. If excessive or high-velocity force is applied during manipulation, it can affect an artery in the neck resulting in an arterial stroke.

Discomfort post-treatment:

The person receiving chiropractic care may suffer from pain at the site. It goes away on its own and is not something to be worried about. However, it may cause discomfort for a particular period.

Choosing a certified and experienced chiropractor is essential to minimize the risk of post-treatment injuries. Scott Chiropractic is a trained professional providing services and receiving excellent feedback.