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Scott Chiropractic - Patient Testimonial

How Chiropractic helped with Learning Disabilities

At Scott Chirporatice, our practice is a very dynamic practice that can treat anyone in need of wellness/performance care through pain management.  Our comprehensive clinical experience is focused on neuromusculoskeletal disorders, spinal disorders and sports injury/prevention. We want  to not only treat the immediate symptoms, but focus on making the entire body well with muscle work, massage, proper nutrition, and exercise. 

“I’m so grateful I have found Dr. Scott!!! Back home I would get adjusted 1x a month because I knew how important it was for my body’s structure and when I moved out to Texas all I could find were Chrio’s telling me what was wrong and how many times a week I should go and I know if there is an issue, I would,but for maintenance 3x a week for me was an accident waiting to happen. He listens, I mean really listens! I drive 25 miles once a month to McKinney and it is totally worth it!!!”

-Tamara R.

“Office staff is AMAZING, Dr. Scott is AMAZING, the massage therapist knows exactly what she is doing. I can not wait for my next visit.”

-Misty L.

“Friendly and professional staff. Dr. Scott is extremely knowledgeable. From basic chiropractic work to adjusting my wife when she was pregnant and now our newborn. Never a complaint.”

-Yuri O.

“I found this office one morning when I had extreme back pain that had me where i could barely walk, sit, stand, or even sleep. I found them off of Google because it has high ratings and I called them, they got me in right away when I needed and fit me into the schedule when they didn’t have to. My first visit Amy was so caring and compassionate towards me and helped me as much as she could. Dr Scott was also the exact same way and did everything to try and ease my back pain to where I could walk again. The same night I was actually able to sleep and then the next day I could already walk a lot better. He has seen me going on 3 times this week because his office truly cares about healing peoples issues and pain. They definitely did not disappoint and Have made me a long term patient! Thank you Dr Scott and Amy!”

-Heather W.

“From the first time I met Dr. Scott, he had an uncanny ability to find, diagnose and correct the problem areas of my spine. His natural abilities coupled with his passion for what he does, his knowledge of his skill and his wonderful way with people make him the best of all worlds. As a patient, you’ll never feel rushed in and out of his office, or that you’re merely a means of support for his own family. You’re treated as a friend would be, or a family member. He takes the time needed with you while balancing that with running an efficient practice. Dr. Scott truly listens to what you have to say about your body and what you’ve been experiencing so he can better diagnose and treat the underlying issues. In my opinion, it’s difficult to find what Dr. Scott naturally possesses. He’s a rare find in the chiropractic world. He definitely gets two thumbs up from my family!”

-Suzanne S.

“Honest & caring..doesn’t believe in the “traditional” PLAN that most chiropractors offer on the first visit.
His main focus is making you feel better & long term health.”

-Yoshanda S.

“Dr. Scott is a fantastic and professional chiropractor who truly cares for the well-being of his patients. He listens to their concerns, assists in getting them back to feeling better and is very knowledgeable on how to improve quality of living regarding aches and pains related to his profession. His staff is fantastic and I would highly recommend him to everyone for their chiropractic needs! He has helped me feel better and made it easier to do my job by helping me with my back issues! Thank you Dr. Scott!”

-David T.

“Dr. Scott is the BEST! Dr Scott takes his time with you every visit, he doesn’t just adjust what you came in for and move on to the next patient, Dr. Scott is extremely thorough. He really cares about his patients and you always leave feeling GREAT!”

-Megan M.