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Spinal Column Alignment Treatment

Chiropractic Treatment and Its Application Areas


Chiropractic care stems from the belief that by keeping the musculoskeletal structure, especially the spine, in proper and adequate alignment, the body is able to self-heal some of its disorders. Therapy is applied by incorporating the technique of spinal manipulation and other alternative forms of treatments, instead of relying on invasive treatments such as surgery or using addictive medication.

Spinal manipulation aims to revive movability of joints that are being strained due to injuries like sudden fall, or continual pressure emerging from long periods of sitting in the absence of adequate back support. As it is a less invasive form of therapy, it is primarily preferred by patients that are seeking pain relief treatment for muscles, joints, bones, and the surrounding connective tissues.

The spectrum of techniques included in chiropractic care

Chiropractic treatments involve a spectrum of diverse methodologies and techniques of treatment. Some of the most common techniques used within chiropractic treatment include, but are not limited to:

  • Spinal manipulation or adjustments – This involves the chiropractor to apply controlled pressure on a certain area or joints of the spine through hands.
  • Mobilization techniques – This technique involves the slow and delicate movement of the joint to elevate its mobility through physical therapy and exercises.
  • Heating and cooling technique – This involves the use of heat and ice therapy. Application of ice and/or heat on the affected area relaxes muscles, elevates blood circulation, relieves chronic pain, alleviates swelling, and aids in immediately controlling pain emerging from a sudden injury. Usually, heat and ice are used separately depending upon the nature of damage or injury, however, in some cases, a combination is also used.
  • Soft tissue care – This is a hands-on technique that aims at the enhancement in the functionality of soft tissues. This includes massaging the area to revive and stimulate soft tissues.
  • Therapeutic Exercises – This involves strengthening exercises for patients that are suffering from back, neck, and other spinal-related discomfort or disorders. These exercises diminish pain and help avoid muscle deterioration.
  • Therapeutic Stretching – This involves stretching exercises to avoid scar tissues from accumulating after an injury.

 Application areas of chiropractic treatments

The above-discussed techniques, and many other such methods, cover a broad range of areas where chiropractic treatments have proven effective. The following are some prominent areas of application for chiropractic care and treatment techniques:

  • Neurology Chiropractic techniques, particularly spinal manipulation, impacts the nervous system. It is because the spinal cord is a part of the nervous system. This is why the realignment of the spine treats nervous system disorders as well.
  • Sports injury recovery – Chiropractic treatments help in recovery from sports injuries through rehabilitative care and treatment techniques such as therapeutic exercises and stretching.
  • Diet and nutritional counselling – Chiropractors also offer diet and nutritional counselling to patients, helping them to formulate a nutritional plan that is specific to their needs. This is to assist the patients in retaining good health and reduce the risk of developing severe health conditions such as heart diseases, blood pressure, etc.
  • Lifestyle Modification Counselling – Chiropractors also provide guidance on how to live a more healthy manner, by recognizing important lifestyle choices that may be behind the deterioration of the physical and mental well-being of a patient.

 Other areas of application for chiropractic care include but are not limited to:

  • Orthopaedics
  • Paediatrics
  • Pregnancy
  • Forensic sciences
  • Occupational and industrial health
  • Diagnostic imaging
  • Internal disorders 

Chiropractic treatments won’t cure your body in one session, so one can’t expect your overall well-being to become better with just a single visit. It can however aid in readjusting the body so that it can begin to heal itself. Keep in mind that pain is the final output wherein the body is trying to tell you that something is wrong, and as with all therapies, it will take time for the body to heal completely.