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Spinal alignment for proper posture

Importance of Maintaining Good Posture

Maintaining proper posture is necessary as it enables us to lie, stand, walk, sit and otherwise move about in our daily lives without causing ligament or muscle strain or injury. A chiropractor can assist you with proper posture, including recommending exercises to strengthen your core postural muscles. They can also teach you how to maintain these postures during daily activities, helping to reduce your risk of injury.

The Effects of Bad Posture

  • Back, Neck, and Shoulder Pain. Slouching can lead to tension and pain in your neck, upper back, lower back, and shoulders
  • Poor Circulation
  • Impaired Lung Function
  • Poor Digestion
  • Constricted Nerves
  • Misaligned Spine
  • A Curvature of the Spine

Even if you are working on it yourself, it is important to get regular chiropractic care to help correct poor posture. There are several reasons for this. First, your chiropractor can make adjustments to your spine, providing you with a much wider range of motion and better mobility. They will start by making adjustments to your shoulders, including small joint movements to realign your body which enables better posture. This will help increase overall movement, reduce tension in the surrounding muscles, and will ease the areas experiencing pain.

Second, good posture supports good health. Proper body alignment can help prevent excess strain on your joints, muscles and spine — alleviating pain and reducing the likelihood of injury. As a bonus, correct posture can boost your productivity and mood, as well as help you use your muscles more efficiently. As a bonus, it can also help you stave off age related conditions and allow your vital organs plenty of room to do their job correctly.

It is never too late to improve your posture. The body is resilient and was designed to move, so it adapts well to most activities. Studies reveal that even people in their 80s and 90s can improve their posture, giving them better mobility, independence, health and quality of life.

Getting into the habit of sitting and even standing correctly is the key. It may not feel comfortable initially because your muscles have not been conditioned to support you in the correct position. But in time, you will see and feel the benefits of correcting slouching posture.

Proper posture, along with good nutrition and exercise promotes good bone and joint health. Call your chiropractor if you are experiencing any issues with back or muscle pain as you may need an alignment.