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chiropractic for anxiety

Chiropractic Treatment Can Help Lower Anxiety

Roughly 18% of the U.S. population suffers from issues with anxiety. This equates to 40 million Americans with anxiety disorders. And many of these people are turning to chiropractic treatments to help reduce their anxiety.

Chiropractors have been helping treat those who suffer with mental health issues for nearly a century. These treatments have been used to help reduce levels of stress in those who suffer from depression and anxiety disorders. As it is one of the best means of boosting nervous system health, chiropractic care has greatly helped reduce stress by the use of neck adjustments. This can greatly improve the flow of blood to the brain, which is beneficial to improving mental health.

Anxiety in a Nutshell

GAD, or generalized anxiety disorder, is a common anxiety disorder in which the affected person experiences intense feelings of nervousness, apprehension, fear and worry. People who suffer from GAD tend to fear that the worst will happen at any given time for no apparent reason.

Those who suffer from severe anxiety issues often cannot handle everyday activities such as work, housework or errands. Their level of worry and stress leaves them feeling helpless and out of control. A person is most often diagnosed with an anxiety disorder once they have experienced these symptoms for approximately six months.

Much like depression, the treatment options for those with anxiety disorders vary by individual. Treatment methods for anxiety include meditation, dietary changes, herbal supplements, prescription drugs and cognitive behavioral therapy.

Chiropractic Treatments to Help Reduce Anxiety

For those who do not experience relief from their anxiety through the use of over-the-counter or prescription medications, chiropractic treatments are a medication-free and natural alternative to reduce anxiety.

Chiropractic treatments provide an array of benefits that help lower anxiety and stress. Relief from physical pain due to subluxations not only provide patients with a better quality of life, they also help improve mental well-being. Spinal subluxations, including partial or incomplete dislocations along the spine, can restrict movement and lead to other issues such as digestive issues, migraines and increased stress levels. Spinal adjustments can help reduce all of this by improving nerve function, thus naturally restoring the body to a health state, both physically and emotionally.

As well, your chiropractor can provide you with some therapeutic exercises for you to do at home that can help reduce your anxiety during an anxiety attack. Talk with your chiropractor to see what treatments are right for your mental and physical health.