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Chiropractic Care For Hip Dysplasia

Chiropractic Care For Hip Dysplasia
Hip dysplasia is when one’s hip socket doesn’t cover the round portion of the upper thighbone. When this occurs the hip joint becomes dislocated.

Although hip dysplasia is commonly genetic, not treating hip dysplasia with methods such as chiropractic can cause arthritis.

These are some signs that show you may have hip dysplasia

  • tilted pelvis causing spine curvature
  • inability to perform circular movements
  • pain in the hip, groin or upper leg

Hip dysplasia can lead to arthritis in the hip joint. This can result in a misaligned hip and one leg becoming shorter than the other. Both leading to long-term effects to overall health.

Chiropractic care for hip dysplasia requires three aspects — adjustments, eating anti-inflammatory foods, and maintaining a healthy weight.

For more information regarding chiropractic care treatment for hip dysplasia schedule a consultation with your local chiropractor.