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Chiropractic Techniques Explained

Chiropractic Care Techniques Explained
Chiropractors can treat a range of conditions that are not just neck and back pain. There are different techniques they can use to adjust and restore the spine and nervous system. The techniques used in chiropractic care can treat disorders such as stress and migraines.

Learn more about the chiropractic techniques you may encounter during a chiropractic visit.


A high velocity, low amplitude thrust technique that is commonly used by chiropractors to adjust the spine and extremities. This technique is commonly used for lumbar disk herniation, a disorder that is the common cause of back and neck pain.


A chiropractor has patient lie on his side and uses hands to adjust the low back or pelvis. This helps:

  • Realign joints
  • Reduce pain
  • Reduce stiffness
  • Increase mobility


For this technique a chiropractor will place you on a special table that tractions and flexes forward the spine. Using his/her hands and the table mechanics will produce a gentle stretching motion.

Chiropractors usually use this technique to:

  • Treat cervical and lumbar disc herniations
  • Treat non-spinal disorders
  • Increase mobility of spinal joints


Also known as the drop table technique, chiropractors use a special table that drops a fraction of an inch during an adjustment to open up a joint that’s the focus. The drop sequence is effective in minimizing the force necessary, making it a very viable technique for patients concerned about the diversified technique.


A chiropractor uses a handheld instrument to deliver a lighter, but quicker thrust on the spine and extremities. This technique is commonly used for seniors and patients who choose not to receive a hands-on adjustment.